Digital projects by Students

In addition to encoding papyri, several students have created digital tools and resources. Below is a selection of what I think most useful for others.

Herculaneum Wiki

As a practical side of learning students created entries on various aspects of papyrology, especially Herculaneum papyri. The method was later followed by two former students in their own teaching. The revised entries are collected in a comprehensive wiki.


  1. XQuery for extracting texts from, normalizing the Greek and saving it as json, by Valentin Seinige.
  2. Python script for uploading transcriptions (json) to eScriptorium via API, by Oliver Donath.


  1. Android app by Markus Bald for a line by line comparision of text and image.
  2. Online meta-database of Herculaneum disegni by Markus Bald.